Michael Maclean

What I've been up to

I finally decided to get around to doing something about my site, so I’ve made a front page for it which is better than a straight redirect onto the blog. Hopefully it’s reasonable.

I’ve been learning a bit more recently about the internals of PHP, and how to write extensions for it. I’ve been practicing by doing a bit of work on a Cairo wrapper that was started in the Google Summer of Code last year and until now has been mainly looked after by Elizabeth Marie Smith. She’s put up with many, many newbie questions from me and so I’ve learned a lot while doing it. It’s now at the stage where it’ll run the eZ Components Graph component without too much complaining. It has a dual procedural and object-oriented API, so it should manage to run most things that use the existing cairo_wrapper extension. Thanks to all the regulars on #php.pecl and #php.doc on EFNet, and #php-gtk on Freenode for putting up with me while doing this. I’ve also written a quick wrapper for Tokyo Cabinet for the DBA extension in PHP which with a bit of luck will get committed to PHP6 some time soon.

In other news, I’ve been occasionally helping in the maintenance of Jubilee and An Sulaire, the two Sgoth Niseach boats I go sailing on occasionally. Hopefully they’ll be going back in the water soon and we can get some sailing done. I’m looking forward to it.