Michael Maclean

Recent activity: Habari plugins

I think I’m just about keeping to this one-post-a-week thing, almost. I’ve recently been playing with the internals of Habari, writing a couple of plugins. I’ve found it quite well put together, though I don’t seem to ever get the Utils::debug() output to display properly - though this might have been due to the code I was writing running before a redirect. I believe though that I now have got 2 plugins which I’m going to investigate publishing - one which generates the Facebook and Twitter widgets at the bottom of the posts (and the relevant OpenGraph metadata for Facebook in the header), and another which pings bit.ly and generates a short URL for each post as it’s published. I’m writing this post in part as a test to see that it works for real :-)

If I get a bit of time over the next few days, I’ll finish tidying them up and make them available. If anyone’s interested before I do, drop me an email or catch me on Twitter.