Michael Maclean

Custom functions on the 400D

This is a camera-geek post, so if you’re not one of those, feel free to skip. I’ve just been having a bit more of a play with the custom functions available to change how the 400D operates. There are a couple of things that I’ve found that I can’t believe I didn’t know about - they look like they’ll make things a lot easier. I’m making a note here so that if I lose them, I can find them again.

Now I just need to get out and do some more shooting. Not done very much of late that hasn’t been with my N95, which is disappointing.

Setting nameValueEffect
CF01 - Set button/cross keys function4: Cross keys - AF Frame selectMakes the arrow keys choose the autofocus point when shooting, rather than selecting the picture “style”, which is something I’ve never used beyond setting it on “neutral”
CF04 - Shutter/AE lock button1: AE Lock/AFThis makes the “*” button cause the camera to autofocus, and have pressing the shutter button half way set the exposure (in non-manual modes). This might well drive me nuts, but I like the idea, in theory.
CF05 - AF-assist beam2: Only external flash emitsThis should stop it flashing like mad when trying to focus in low light, when I’m not using my 430EX. I don’t use the on-camera flash that much anyway, so it won’t make a lot of difference, but it is an irritating feature when I am using it.
CF09 - Shutter curtain sync1: Second curtain syncThis makes the flash fire just before the shutter closes, rather than when the shutter opens. This might not seem to make a lot of sense at first glance, but it means that if I take a photo with a relatively long exposure with the intention of getting some motion blur, the shutter will fire at the end of the exposure, so that the object is “frozen” with the trail behind it, rather than seeming to go ahead of it.
CF11 - LCD display when power ON1: Retain power OFF statusThis stops the display coming on when I switch the camera on. I don’t use the display much so I have it turned off most of the time to save battery power.