Michael Maclean

A brief update

Last weekend I spent a couple of days on the yacht Hebridean as part of an RYA sail cruising day skipper course. This was the second half, as we were aboard before last month but had to cancel due to the weather. This time, we combined the course with delivering the yacht to Oban Marina on Kerrera where it will spend the winter. I’m happy to say I passed, so theoretically at least I could be able to charter a yacht for a trip at some stage. I might investigate that for one summer, but I’ll want a bit more mileage and experience first. I also noticed that the local college were running a Coastal Skipper theory course, so I’m on that now too.

I’m considering going to FOSDEM in Belgium in February. I missed LugRadio Live this year so I’m thinking of it as a sort of substitute. Also considering PHP London, but we’ll see.